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ActiveOffice is a web-based project collaboration system with modules designed to increase communication, efficiencies and accountability. As a company intranet, ActiveOffice allows secure access to documents, corporate calendars, sales tools, project management tools and more. It can be used as a CRM, ERP or customer service application. 

ActiveOffice Business Collaboration
The first step is planning

During the intranet development process, we look at the past, present and future needs of your organization. As your organization changes, ActiveOffice functions can be added to address those needs.

Simple to use

ActiveOffice has an extremely intuitive interface. The company intranet is based on user profiles; users have access to only the tools they use and are assigned. A user is not confused by areas not associated with them.

Cost effective

ActiveOffice offers collaboration at a fraction of the price of MS Exchange, Sharepoint server, or SAP software. ActiveOffice is web-based and simply requires a browser and internet access; this means low start-up cost and greater return on investment. Because the interface is so intuitive, little or no training time is required for users to begin working with ActiveOffice.

Safe and secure

Rest assured, loss of information is not a concern with ActiveOffice. Regular backups of your data are included with your package. With 256 bit encryption, the Active Office system is a secure method to share files that are too sensitive for email. Management determines the user’s access level. Once a user logs into the company intranet, they may only access information allowed to them by management.

Easy implementation

We can have your ActiveOffice up and running within a few days, even sooner if necessary. After determining which modules fit your needs, basic customization and implementation can be done smoothly.

Continued support

When you need help or have a question, we have a team of knowledgeable staff ready to give assistance. We pride ourselves on real relationships with clients; our support goes well beyond the typical call center. Your company is unique and just as we customize your company intranet; we customize the support you receive too.

ActiveOffice Intranet and Extranet modules include:

Main Page Personalized Portal Main Page Personalized Portal
Portal gives ustomized access to ActiveOffice modules, with personalized reminders, industry-related RSS feeds, and Company Announcements.
ActiveOffice Admin ActiveOffice Admin
Allows selected individual(s) to assign access levels to ActiveOffice users, including extranet clients.
Client Manager Client Manager
The client manager can be used as an online address book for ultimate contact management control.
Sales Management Sales Management
Increase efficiencies, track productivity and expand revenues. Track opportunities amongst your team and track win and loss data.
Project Manager Project Manager
Web-based project management allows for easily accessible information about projects and online collaboration.
Calendar Calendar
Share group calendars for easy project scheduling with the convenience of a web-based, online calendar.
Secure Document Share Secure Document Share
Online file storage and document management makes online collaboration easy.
Collaborative Discussions Collaborative Discussions
Streamline your discussions with your team online and in an archived format.
Task Manager Task Manager
Web-based module keeps track of personal and collaborative tasks.
Support Ticket Systems Support Ticket
Create and assign support tickets to your team. Archive valuable data for efficient future problem solving.
File Transfer File Transfer
Allows secure large file transfer without the pains of email. Assign file access levels to clients and staff.
Cyber Polls Cyber Polls
Use opinion polls to keep staff and partners involved in decisions.
Mapping Billing Tracker
Compose and archive billable services with notices sent to your billing department. Reporting and graphs are available online, anytime.
Mapping GPS / Mapping
Satellite and RF based monitoring of fixed and mobile assets.
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